Battery Replacement Service in Watertown, CT

Watertown Mitsubishi Watertown CT

The battery provides electricity to the car, but if it malfunctions, there could be several problems. When the energy component can't be used any further, it may be time to have it switched. Learn when you should get the part replaced from our Watertown Mitsubishi guide.

The Purpose of the Battery

In addition to giving energy to the headlights, radio, and touchscreen, the battery in your vehicle sends power to various parts under the hood. This includes sending sparks to the engine and starter motor. As your car is running, the chemical and mechanical energy generate an electric current that’s sent to the alternator, a component that converts the force from the powertrain into automotive vitality for the battery. When the cell can’t hold the charge effectively, it may be a sign that the module is losing its functionality. There are a number of reasons why, which can easily be diagnosed by service professionals. If you’re having issues while traveling through the Watertown area, you should have the electric unit looked at.

Warning Signs

You had plans to enjoy a day at Echo Lake Park, when all of a sudden the car has a sluggish startup. If this has happened to you recently, your battery could have low voltage. Extreme temperatures, such as sweltering heat and frigid cold, can sap the energy in your power cell. Sometimes, you’ll notice that the headlights are slightly dim, which is a symptom of insufficient electricity in your component. Take a moment and lift the hood to inspect the battery. If there’s a white substance on the terminals, then the energy unit has been infected with corrosion. While there are several ways to remove the build-up, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our Service Department to have it evaluated and cleaned. That way, you’ll have reassurance while driving along Cutler Street.

Replacing the Battery

Have you tried jump starting or charging your battery with no results? In that case, we suggest having it changed altogether. When you bring your car to us, we’ll test the component to see if it has 11.9 volts or 12.4 volts while the vehicle is off. Cells that are below this voltage level will likely need replacing. Therefore, we’ll disconnect the terminals and uninstall the electric module. Next, our Parts Department will locate a replacement unit that matches your make, model, and trim level. Once we have the right cell, our technicians will mount the factory-fresh battery into your car. Finally, we’ll run another diagnostic test to see if the part is functioning properly. After that, you’ll be ready to take on highways like James H. Darcey Memorial Highway.

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Battery:

  • You need to frequently jump start the power cell.
  • The battery is over three to four years old.
  • Your vehicle repeatedly has a sluggish start-up.
Watertown Mitsubishi Watertown CT