Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service near Danbury, CT

Watertown Mitsubishi Watertown CT
Watertown Mitsubishi Watertown CT

Whenever your cabin air filter needs to be changed, you might not realize that it needs a replacement. But, you’ll be fully aware by the time you finish our Watertown Mitsubishi summary! We’re not only an informative dealership, but also care for your car’s service.

What Is the Cabin Air Filter Built For?

Since we specialize in replacing this component for you, we know all about the role that this part plays. We’ll share with you that it is made for catching fine dust particles from Danbury when you make your rounds to work everyday. As a result, the oxygen you breathe in is less contaminated, making the vehicle safer to travel in. That is because dirt, pollen, smoke, and more airborne particles can flow inside without the filter. And this handy membrane can also help protect the heating and cooling system inside your vehicle by gathering these particulates. That way, there’s less wear on the system from dirt and debris floating outside.

Warning Indicators

We care about your wellbeing when driving in your vehicle, so we’ll give you several warning signs to look out for when your model’s cabin filter is no longer working properly. Unfortunately, you could run into a harsh smell when you step inside. This happens when there is too much debris on the membrane after months of driving through Connecticut. When there is a large amount of dirt in the filter, whatever air flows through it can be harmful for everyone inside who inhales it. So, if you hear a back passenger sneezing a lot, this can be a telltale sign to have an appointment ready at our service center. Also, with too much buildup of debris, you could have to turn up the air conditioning system more than usual to have plenty of refreshment.

Service Intervals and Types of Cabin Filters

We’ll tell you about the timeframe a cabin filter should be changed out so we can maintain your vehicle right on time. Every 15,000 to 30,000 miles is the rule of thumb of when to have the membrane replaced. You can schedule a multi-point inspection so that when we receive your car, you’ll know if there are issues happening beyond just the filter of your vehicle. We suggest this so that your vehicle is in its best condition. If your car is newer or older, this can impact what membrane you decide to have installed on your model. You’ll know the different kinds that we have, which can be activated carbon or anti-microbial membranes, by exploring our Parts Department. Request one for us to place it on your car or, if you want to handle it yourself, order one online!

What Are Some Warning Signs of a Bad Cabin Air Filter?

  • Pungent smell in the cabin
  • Allergic reactions to the air inside
  • Difficulty feeling as much wind from the vents as before