The Importance of Routine Maintenance in Watertown, CT

As a valued method of transportation throughout Watertown, your vehicle deserves to be upheld with crucial routine maintenance procedures that allow it to perform proficiently. Though you may already be familiar with some of the tasks, we at Watertown Mitsubishi encourage you to glean some necessary information from the guide we’ve provided here. If you need us to build on any of the points we made, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What Is Routine Maintenance?

Vehicles, at their root, are appliances. Like many other similar tools, their internal components are susceptible to wearing down with the natural passage of time. This is why it’s necessary to circumvent this degradation by having them undergo procedural maintenance checks that aim to preserve the lifespan of your model. This often involves flushing fluids such as your oil or swapping heavily-worn parts like your brake pads for a new set. Falling under this scope are also preventative assessments, which can look like battery voltage checks or a simple rotation service. There are several more that you should be mindful of, and you can find out when it’s best to perform them by deferring to your Owner’s Manual.


The major boon for those who piously follow their recommended routine maintenance intervals is ensuring that your model’s lifespan is preserved. Some of the immediate benefits you may notice are increased gas mileage while you’re on your next trip to Watertown Golf Club after you performed a tire rotation service at our Service Department. If you swap your transmission fluid for a fresh batch, it’s possible that shifting into the next gear will feel even more seamless than before. Performing these procedures punctually can also prevent issues from compounding, thus preventing costly visits in the future. And if you keep track of the services done on your car, it may yield a higher resale value if you had not made it a habit.

Warning Signs

Your vehicle may attempt to communicate that it is in need of some of the regimented tasks highlighted in your Owner’s Manual in the form of red flags we’ll make you privy to. For example, a discreet sign that your battery is weakening is if you notice that your infotainment screen backlight has dimmed. On a less visual note, you should schedule an appointment with us if you smell a burning odor while you’re traveling through Woodbury Road, as that might mean that you’re overdue for an oil change. If you notice that there is more brake travel than you’d like while you’re pulling over at Deland Field to phone us, your brake fluid could possibly need changing. We’ll see to it that we address your concerns at our location!