Wheel Alignment Service in Watertown, CT

Were you aware that the wheels that you drive on can be thrown off balance by a number of factors? If this happens, you might notice immediate changes to the way your model handles as you’re trekking throughout Watertown. If this happens, don’t fret, as we of Watertown Mitsubishi can perform a wheel alignment service on your model. We’ll expand upon what this procedure entails and how it will benefit your Mitsubishi model below. If you find that you’re in need of it, reach out to us soon!


Let’s speak about what is meant by the alignment of your wheels. When you exit your vehicle after having just arrived at Deland Field, have a close examination of the way your tires are facing. They should rest parallel to one another but be perpendicular to the pavement parallel to them. After many commutes to and from work via Deforest Street, road blemishes such as bumps or potholes will have likely thrown your suspension off kilter, resulting in wheels that are off balance. As an act of amelioration, tweaks are to the angles in which your tires face to return to their appropriate positioning.

Red Flags

It may become difficult to spot warning signs of when your wheels are out of alignment, as it can become easy to adapt to changes in the way your vehicle handles. Ask yourself if you often have to correct your model’s steering, as it has a habit of pulling to one side of the road. That’s a telltale signal to have the trained representatives at our Service Department assess the situation. You could also examine the brand logo of the model that you’re driving in the middle of the steering wheel to see if it is slightly crooked even if you’re traveling in a straight line. That is yet another indication of an alignment gone awry. And if you’ve recently noticed that the tread on your tires looks alarmingly uneven, give us a call.

Wheel Alignment Service

Contrary to what its name may suggest, a wheel alignment service doesn’t involve individual adjustments to the wheels themselves. Rather, what is being adjusted is your car’s suspension system. More specifically, this procedure involves making changes to their angling, which are known as camber, caster, and toe. Once you’re at our location after having made an appointment, we’ll utilize an alignment machine to set them back to manufacturer recommendations. After our well-versed technicians have executed this task, you should immediately notice handling improvements as you make your way to Watertown Land Trust Northfield Road!

What Are Some Warning Signs That Your Vehicle May Be out of Alignment?

  • Car pulling to one side
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Uneven tire tread